About me

  • I was born in Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • I graduated at the College of Decorative Arts in Kaunas, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • From year 1986 until now, I have taken part in over sixty exhibitions in Eastern end Western Europe; was a member of the former International Guild of Leather Artists.
  • My works have been added to the collection of the ─îiurlionis Museum of Art in Kaunas and private collections all over the world.
  • Member of the Lithuanian Artist’s Union.
  • Can often be found on Sundays at the Spuiplein Amsterdam.
  • My work has been well documented in the files of Keunstwurk.

My work consists of three distinct styles, each with their own material and technique:

When using leather my works are decorative, more abstract, and sober in colour. In my paintings I deal with human figures, both in portraits and scenes of daily life.Currently however, my focus is on drawing. In these drawings, I am not trying to convey meaning, but to evoke an emotion in the viewer. My focus is on the beauty of the line. While drawing, I play the line as if it were an instrument; I paint with the line. Sometimes, I supplement the drawing with painted colours, and elements of collage to make the effect of the piece stronger